The Waterfront Nursery

Inspection Reports

Care Commission Report

The Scottish Care Commission regulates all adult, child and independent healthcare services in Scotland, making sure care providers meet the Scottish Government’s National Care Standards.

The commission uses a combination of inspections, observation of working practice, talking with children and parent questionnaires to conduct their assessment, which takes place every year.

Our most recent report (March 2009) awarded us the following grades:

Quality of Care and Support 4 - Good
Quality of Environment 4 - Good
Quality of Staffing 4 - Good
Quality of Management and Leadership 4 - Good


HM Inspectorate of Education Report

HMIe monitors and evaluates the quality of care and education provided by childcare facilities and schools across Scotland. It is conducted every three years.

The most recent report (2013) identified the nursery's key strengths as:

  • The warm, welcoming nursery environment with high-quality resources and attractive use of displays.
  • Very good systems for assessment and recording children’s progress and regular arrangements to share this information with children.
  • Very good programmes for emotional, personal and social development and communication and language.
  • The effectiveness of the staff team in developing and supporting children’s learning.